Het project Facultaire Verankering van het diversiteitsbeleid kadert binnen de doelstellingen van het Strategisch Plan. Hiervoor wordt per faculteit een diversiteitsteam opgezet met als opdracht  het diversiteitsbeleid vorm te geven op facultair niveau.


Dit  diversiteitsteam bestaat uit een vaste kern van medewerkers (ZAP, OAP en ATP) en studenten die belangstelling hebben voor het diversiteitsthema. Binnen dit team is er één diversiteitscoördinator (ZAP) die deel uitmaakt van de universitaire Werkgroep Diversiteit & Gender, één of meerdere aanspreekpunten diversiteit (OAP en/of ATP) , verder aangevuld met andere medewerkers (ZAP, OAP, ATP) en studenten. Indien wenselijk, kan het team ook interne of externe experten aanspreken ter versterking.

Samenstelling van het Diversiteitsteam

Activiteiten en actuele topics

Taalcafé @ Faculty of Sciences

Is an occasion to exchange languages on a meet and greet event on Friday after work

You can practice your Dutch or any other language at different levels. Join a table where you can communicate with native speakers and learners.

Get informed about Dutch language requirements and Dutch learning facilities at Ghent University.

Snacks and drinks will be served.

Where? Campus Sterre, S2, third floor, faculty board room.

Please register for any of the scheduled events and indicate which languages you want to practice and learn and for which language you offer help to others.

The upcoming events are on:

  • 21st of April, 16:00 – 19:00
    Registration  from 10-04-2023 10:00 until 19-04-2023 16:00
  • 12th May, 16:00 – 19:00
  • 16th June, 16:00 – 19:00

Feel free to bring friends and colleagues, there are two session of 50 minutes with breaks before, in between and after (where you can also try out different languages). 


Academia should ideally be an open world where knowledge is exchanged constantly and in all places.  Researchers should collaborate to generate data and answer scientific questions.

However, conflicts and wars within and between countries are still a sad reality in 2023.  These events have significant impacts on the mobility and collaboration of scientists. 

To address this issue, the Faculty of Sciences Diversity Team and Biology students are hosting an event on the impact of war on science and researchers, as part of the Ghent University Diversity & Inclusion Month in March 2023.

Where & When?

FORUM @ GUM, 4th floor
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35
9000 Gent


Free entry but mandatory registration : https://event.ugent.be/registration/Scienceandwar


  • 14:00 : Doors open
  • 14:30-16:00 : Introductory lectures by
    • Adrien Garside (Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict and the Environment, King's College London)
    • Olesya Petrovych (WWF Ukraine)
  • 16:00-17:30 : Panel discussion Science and war
    • Moderator : Peter Verlinden (VRT)
    • Experts :
      • Adrian Garside
      • Olesya Petrovych
      • Prof.dr. Amaury Frankl (UGent)
      • Emnet Negash (UGent)
    • 17:30-18:30 : Reception with drinks and food with the opportunity to exchange experiences with guests & speakers alike.


We invited two of our recently hired ZAP-members for a duo-lecture: Prof. Michal Heller and Prof. Griet Neukermans to learn about marine ecology and theoretical physics in a relaxed and informal setting and meet the scientists behind the science. (took place on Tuesday 20 December 2022, 16:00 at Campus Sterre, S2, 3th floor, faculty board room)

Face2Face Winter Edition 20/12/2022


On Friday 1st of April we invited Dr. Theo Bakker for a lecture “Inclusion of students with autism in the Faculty of Sciences”. This lecture is partly based on input, questions and testimonies from people from our faculty. The link to the recorded lecture will follow.

For support in the work field for people with ASS (Vlaams ondersteuningspremie) see https://www.vlaanderen.be/werken-met-een-beperking.

We refer also to this Nerdland podcast with testimonies from scientists with autism.


Op woensdag 11/05/2022 van 12:00 – 13:15 u. gaven Lore Vermeulen en Pieter Detombe (Trustpunt) en Sylvia D’hooge (Juridische dienst) een uiteenzetting over de procedures en mogelijkheden bij o.a. grensoverschrijdend gedrag. De presentatie van die sessie is zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels beschikbaar. 

Ukraine #WEtogether

We are shocked about what is happening in Ukraine and want to oppose war and the loss of freedom. As a faculty, we keep underlining the importance of international cooperation and diversity. Of course, our thoughts and condolences go first and foremost to the victims and the people who are suddenly living in a different and terrible reality. But we realize that this situation has an impact on everyone, regardless of nationality. The new era of freedom that we had been looking forward to after the pandemic is not real freedom. All we can do now is show great solidarity.

On Wednesday 23rd March we organized a  POP-UP BRAINSTORM UKRAINE EVENT. You can find the report here.

For FAQ’s impact of war in Ukraine : https://www.ugent.be/en/facilities/war-ukraine/faq.htm

For psychological support, we refer to the official helpline: ucare@ugent.be

For all actions organized by Ghent University: https://www.ugent.be/nl/univgent/hulpacties-oekraine

Actions to raise funding for Ukraine by our faculty organized so far:

  • Symbolic action mouthmasks
  • Pancakes for Peace, organized by Dept. of Geography, on Friday 25 March 2022.
  • Selling donuts and coffee at Campus Sterre and Ledeganck, Thursday 31 March 2022.
  • Easter eggs for Ukraine, from Monday 28 March 2022 until Easter
  • Docu night Ukraine: Winter on Fire, Wednesday 20 April 2022, Ledeganck.
  • Quiz on Thursday 5 May, organized by the Dept. of Biology
  • Coffee stand & get-together @S5 (Campus Sterre) on Tuesday 10 May 2022: Coffee, donuts and pastries, being together, talking with each other and writing about our feelings and emotions.
  • Benefit party & concert @S5 (Campus Sterre)on Wednesday 11 May 2022 from 7.00 pm – midnight
    Chilli sin carne, drinks, music, lots of friends and colleagues and at 8.30 pm an exclusive performance of Stoneage Romeos with Joeri Delamane (student administration officer at the Faculty) as lead singer!

In the Dept. of Biology, internships for refugees are offered. Maybe this flyer can inspire you to offer similar internships/trainings in your department.


More information for those who want to work with refugees can be found on the following pages: