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Research groups

The research groups of the Faculty of Sciences are part of the departments. Every research group has identified a number of research fields. The topics of the research fields span a broad spectrum.
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Opportunities and support

Ghent University Funding Academy

The Faculty of Sciences supports the Ghent University Funding Academy. The Ghent University Funding Academy works as a one-stop-shop for all activities organised to inform, train, coach and advise researchers in developing grant proposals. Its overall aim is to make available existing expertise, level knowledge and skills for all researchers, and increase the quality of grant writing. This initiative creates a network of grant advisors, experts and policy officers from various Ghent University central and faculty departments. This should increase Ghent University’s average success rates in different funding schemes.

Looking for general information? Looking for training and support tracks? Looking for university-wide expertise? Go to the webpage of the Ghent University Funding Academy for university broad support.  Soon we will add more information regarding the specific support that the faculty offers.

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The most obvious way to participate in research is doing a PhD. The Faculty of Sciences delivers about 120 doctorates per year. More information about potential sources of funding, the support and the administrative procedures is available on the web pages of the university.

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Career guidance for junior researchers

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