Courses, fellowships and info sessions at Ghent University

Entrepreneurial calendar for Ghent University researchers

Info sessions

  • Breakfast with the rector - find out more about DO! and UGent TechTransfer during one of the sessions
  • UGent TechTransfer & IOF Info Session - information session about the valorisation possibilities and funding opportunities for your research
  • Research Founders event - inspirational event on how to start building your own entrepreneurial career path today

Coaching on entrepreneurship

Informative courses

For students (and PhD's)

For PhD's (and post-docs)

  • From PhD to SME* - leadership program in a team within a Flemish SME (1 year)
  • Plunge into your business plan* - summer school about entrepreneurship (4 days intensive training)
  • Blue Science & Technology Summer Training* - obtain insight into business opportunity development and the commercial realities faced by industry

For post-docs and ZAP

Idea generation: Detecting business opportunities

  • Health Entrepreneurship Track (with BHIC) - detection of entrepreneurial opportunities in your research within healthcare (6 times 3 hour workshop)
  • Research to Market* - discover the market potential of your research (4 day workshop online)

Connecting: product-market fit

Professionalization: preparing your business plan

  • Expedition DO!* - pre-acceleratie program, from business idea to business plan (7 months with intensive coaching)
  • Venture Track - process for entrepreneurial researchers who want to set up a start-up, based on Ghent University research results.

VLAIO fellowships for entrepreneurial researchers

  • VLAIO Baekeland Fellowship - a PhD in collaboration with the industry
  • VLAIO Postdoctoral Fellowship - focus on research with a strong technology transfer component; available to researchers who intend to commercialise their research findings through valorisation agreements with industry or through the creation of a spin-off company.

* Funded by Doctoral Schools