Discrimination is a form of transgressive behaviour. At Ghent University we treat each other with respect. Do you have to deal with discrimination or disrespectful behavior? Trustpunt is there for you.

A respectful and safe learning environment

Everyone has the right to a respectful and safe learning environment. Discrimination and comments or jokes based on personal characteristics do not belong at Ghent University.

Ghent University is a socially engaged and pluralistic university that is open to all students and staff regardless of their philosophical, political, cultural and social background. Read more about Ghent University and diversity here.

Discrimination is transgressive behaviour. The procedures for reporting discrimination are the same as for other forms of transgressive behaviour. In addition to the code of conduct, Ghent University also uses a non-discrimination statement.

What is discrimination

Mistreatment or statements based on a personal characteristic such as gender, gender identity, gender expression, family composition, birth, marital status, skin colour, nationality, ancestry and national or ethnic origin, physical or genetic characteristics, disability, medical history, health status, age, sexual orientation or orientation, social origin, wealth, religion or belief, political opinion.

As with other forms of transgressive behaviour, some boundaries are subjective and individual and others very clear. Sometimes people are not aware that certain statements are hurtful. Stereotypes or prevailing social ideas can also lead to (unintentionally) hurtful behaviour. If someone has an uncomfortable feeling about it, it is good to enter into a dialogue about this.

There are also very clear boundaries. Excluding someone, making distinctive or discriminatory statements, disadvantage, but also making jokes about a minority group or on the basis of gender are clear forms of discrimination.

In Belgium there is an anti-discrimination law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of various criteria. This makes discrimination punishable and therefore prosecutable. More information can be found on the UNIA website.

Where can I go? Trustpunt listens to you

You can contact Trustpunt for reports and questions about discrimination. Even if you doubt whether you can call it that or if you are not sure whether it is serious enough. All conversations are confidential. You decide on the next steps. Further steps are similar to other forms of transgressive behaviour. Look here for more information about Trustpunt.

There are two ways to contact Trustpunt:

  • By email via trustpunt@ugent.be
  • By phone from 9am to 12 noon on 09 264 82 82
  • You will be contacted as soon as possible. A conversation can be live or via video call.
  • Where to find Trustpunt: go to Campus Ufo, rectorate, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, floor -1, room 27 (check the route here)

If you are in an emergency at a UGent location or if you need urgent help, you can call the Security Department and Emergency center around the clock on 09/264.88.88 for immediate assistance.

Where can I go outside of Ghent University?

For reports as a victim or witness, you can contact UNIA in Belgium via their website.

If you don't feel safe or if criminal offenses have been committed, contact the police. For urgent help call 112.

Diversity and inclusion at Ghent University

Do you want to know more about diversity and inclusion? Looking for a specific community?

Take a look at this webpage or contact diversiteiteninclusie@ugent.be