Janssen-Cilag Dermatology Psoriasis Chair

Psoriasis is a common and very taxing chronic illness, affecting not only the skin but also other organs in the body.

The quality of life for people with psoriasis is clearly reduced, and it has a huge impact across their lifetime. Comorbidities mean that patients also have a shorter life expectancy. The chair will enable progress in optimal ‘management’ for psoriasis, based on an integrated approach that takes into account science, the personal experience of patients, and also the cost perspective. The results of this research at the Department of Head and Skin at Ghent University will be disseminated widely to diverse stakeholders including: members of the public with psoriasis, patient associations working on skin diseases, the medical world, the pharmaceutical industry, and governments. There is a special focus on rethinking the management of chronic care.


The aim of the chair is to improve current insights and approaches to psoriasis.


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Prof. Jo Lambert is a doctor specialist in the Dermatology department at Ghent University Hospital.