TPR Exchange Chair awarded to Wannes Vandenbussche

(10-08-2022) TPR Exchange Chair for Wannes Vandenbussche at the Faculty of Law of Leiden University during the Academic Year 2022-2023

The Belgian Law Journal of Private Law (TPR) has awarded Prof. Wannes Vandenbussche the TPR Exchange Chair at the Faculty of Law of Leiden University. During the academic year 2022-2023, Prof. Vandenbussche will among other give several lectures in the master's course on civil procedure and will contribute to the practical exercises. Prof. Bart Krans will act as the host professor.

Since 1999 the association TPR awards two exchange chairs to allow Belgian c.q. Dutch academics to teach and research in residence at a law school in the Netherlands c.q. Belgium. Prof. Vandenbussche will conduct comparative law research on the Europeanization of the law of evidence during the term of the chair. He will conclude his stay in late spring with a public inaugural lecture