European law

This database contains about 29,620 references to national acts concerning Community law from 1959 to the present day.

Official website of the Council of Europe

Treaties adopted under the auspices of the CoE

Court of Justice of the European Union

The portal provides access to open data from international, EU, national, regional, local and geodata portals.

Judgements of Member States

EU Law Live is an independent information platform. It publishes proprietary content elaborated by EU Law Live staff, as well as original material authored by external contributors.

EUR-Lex is the website for EU law. It is the official and most complete collection of EU legal documents. EUR-Lex is available in all 24 official EU languages and is updated daily.

    Official website of the European Commission

    Older works in full text, complementing Google Books, linked to major European research institutions

    treaties concluded by the European Union 

    Documents of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development in Europe

    Documents of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

      Codices of the Venice Commission - also known as the European Commission for Democracy through Law