Theorising social cohesion in child and family social work

PhD student: Melissa Dierckx
Summary: Social cohesion as a theoretical concept is challenged by various social changes such as globalization and an increasing cultural diversity. In this context, child and family services are presented as services that can promote social cohesion in our society. Despite the renewed interest in social cohesion, the lack of conceptualisation inhibits its operationalization and thus jeopardizes the study of evidence based practices, as it is hardly possible to gain insight into the impact of child and family services on social cohesion. Through a triangulation of results obtained through a variety of research methods, this research contributes to the conceptualisation and operationalisation of social cohesion in social work practices for families with young children in contexts of increasing diversity.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Michel Vandenbroeck, Jochen Devlieghere (Department Of Social Work And Social Pedagogy , Ghent University )
Periode of time: October 2019 - October 2023