Joachim Vlieghe

Main focus: social media, literary institutions.


T @joachimvlieghe



On November 18th 2014, I successful defended my doctoral dissertation and received my PhD in Pedagogical Sciences. I started my PhD-research in 2011, which focused on emerging, converging and transforming forms of literacy in social media environments. Based on several case-studies I explored literary communication practices within these environments from different perspectives within the literary and social media system. My research was part of an interdisciplinary project entitled: User Empowerment in a Social Media Culture (EMSOC). The goal of EMSOC was "to critically assess the belief of the user being empowered in a social media culture."

Nearly all of my work is documented and portrayed on a public research blog.
I have also converted my PhD into an overview website.

After completing my PhD, I joined the WISE (Web & Information Systems Engineering) research lab at the Department of Computer Science. For twelve months starting from Februari 2nd 2015, I participated in the Friendly-ATTAC project during it's final year, guiding and supporting the PhD researchers of WISE: Frederik Van Broeckhoven and Edgar Omar Cebolledo Gutierrez under the watchful eye of professor doctor Olga De Troyer. From Februari 1st 2016 until Januari 31st 2017, I took the lead in the TICKLE project and supervised the PhD research of Jan Maushagen. As part of the WISE research group, I co-supervised the PhD research of Pejman Sajjadi who successfully defended his thesis in April 2017.

On Februari 1st 2017, I started as a teamleader and project manager at UniWeb BVBA.