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Browse the Ghent University Library collections: lib.ugent.be

Yes we scanYes we scan!

Are you in urgent need of a particular chapter or article? Don’t worry!

First, have a look to see if the article is available online (e.g. via Google Scholar). If not, we’ll be happy to scan it for you. You can request any article, chapter, table of contents, index, glossary, bibliography, reference list, etc. from our print collection via lib.ugent.be.

Search the collections by the title of the journal or book. Then, click on ‘Request scanned article’ or ‘Get a chapter scanned’. The request form allows you to specify what you’re looking for exactly. We’ll deliver the PDF to you as soon as possible.

Denk na voor je print.Prints, copies and scans

Students can only print, copy and scan with a UGent card on the public multifunctionals. These are located in the entrance hall (ground floor).

You can find all info and how-tos at helpdesk.ugent.be/publicrepro/en/student.

You can not only print on a public UGent computer, but also from your personal computer. In other words: you can generate print jobs while in class or even from home.

How? Open your document via an application in Athena (e.g. Ufora, your preferred browser or File Explorer) and select the ‘Ricoh on pcounter’ printer. Go to a public multifunctional the same calendar day you sent the print job and print as usual.

You can also use the virtual printer ‘PDFCreator’ to save files as PDF.

Top up your account for prints and copies via ugent.mynetpay.be. You can also use Epurse to pay in student restaurants and cafeterias. More information on Epurse can be found at helpdesk.ugent.be/epurse/en.


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Follow the library's Pinterest board featuring our newly acquired books.