Lezing 'How can health psychology and behavioural medicine contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation?'

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23-11-2022 van 15:00 tot 16:30
Auditorium 5, Campus Dunant (Dunant 1), Henri Dunantlaan 1, 9000 Gent
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Department of Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences; Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, and Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Hot Topic Lecture by Guillaume Chevance on how to think health-related behaviours in a climate change context to foster sustainable change

Guillaume Chevance has a background in sport sciences and health psychology and is now working at ISGlobal, a renowned European institution in the domain of environmental and planetary health. He is developing projects at the intersection between behaviour change and climate change, with actions focused on both mitigation (e.g., the promotion of sustainable healthy diets) and adaptation (e.g., behavioural adaptation and resilience to extreme events). He is also developing a line of research on the topics of sustainable lifestyles, energy sufficiency and health.

In this seminar, Guillaume will draw some research perspectives with the objective to foster and motivate more actions from the fields of health psychology and behavioural medicine towards the whole climate change topic.