Lezing 'Meet the PhD Jury: Encountering Extinction as Heritage'

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Alumni , Journalisten , Medewerkers , Privépersonen , Studenten
06-10-2022 van 14:00 tot 16:30
Auditorium 2 Franz Cumont, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent
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Department of Literary Studies, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Lecture by and meet-and-greet with Dolly Jørgensen, a leading environmental historian and a co-editor of the journal Environmental Humanities

We are currently living through a major extinction event with vast numbers of species across the planet rapidly becoming extinct because of human actions. The high number of species either recently extinct or facing imminent extinction and the great speed at which extermination is happening even exceeds the most well-studied extinction event—the dinosaur extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period. How can the remains of those extinct species be understood in a heritage context?

In this talk, I will discuss the heritage implications of encountering extinct specimens on display. Through the examples of the thylacine of Australia and the dodo of Mauritius, I will discuss how the remnants of these animals—bodies, drawings, and stories—are mobilized in geographically-specific cultural heritage narratives within the museum walls and beyond them. These difficult animal extinction histories are intertwined with cultural histories, through which they become an important cultural heritage.