Voordat een databank aangekocht wordt, doorloopt deze steeds een trial-fase waarin ze door onderzoekers van de faculteit wordt getest.

Databanken die momenteel in trial-fase zitten vind je hieronder. De Facultaire Bibliotheekcommissie beslist na afloop van de trial-fase of de databank al dan niet wordt aangekocht.

Aankoopsuggesties van databanken en technische problemen bij trials:

Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines

  • 11/10/2022 – 10/11/2022
  • The series collects the epochal democracy magazines of public opinions forums published in Taiwan and Hong Kong from 1949 to 2010. It aims to digitize and represent anew these masterpieces that are landmarks of different generations but are vanishing from paper collections of libraries, so to review the grace of those opinion leaders’ thoughts in that era, and encourage alive people to learn from predecessors’ wisdom.
  • The selection principles:
    1. The magazine once initiated some valuable social climates and enlightened people in their generation, such as “ Wenxing Magazine”.
    2. The magazine’s authors are all renowned sinologists or well-known writers of social sciences whose works always introduce/lead new thought trends, worth of being studied well but have never been collected completely for digitization, such as “Con-Temporary Monthly“.
    3. The magazine possesses either or both features as above, but was published in Hong Kong, however its founder/authors have deep connections with Taiwan on ideology, political position, etc., such as Hsu Fu-kuan’s “ Democratic Review“, Li Yi’s “The Nineties”.
    4. To include various ideologies, such as Chinese unification, Taiwan independence, and liberal schools, etc..

Engineering Village

  • 12/10/2022 - 11/11/2022
  • Engineering Village is a specialized discovery platform where researchers can effectively search multiple engineering databases all in one place. For more information about any of the databases available on Engineering Village, please visit the Engineering Village information page.
  • We strongly encourage you to explore the training materials available online at the getting started page. Created by our in-house librarian, these resources provide thorough instructions on searching in Engineering Village and helpful tips for saving time and simplifying the research process.

AM Explorer

  • 10/10/2022 – 02/01/2023
  • Through AM Explorer, you can now search millions of pages of primary sources spanning the 15th – 21st centuries, including a wealth of new content added every year.
  • Award-winning digital resources spanning the social sciences and humanities, developed in collaboration with leading libraries and archives
  • Discover millions of pages of unique primary source content which empower students and researchers to develop critical thinking
  • Powerful digital collections that transform teaching and research on important themes such as: Borders and Migrations, Gender and Sexuality, Global History, and War and Conflict
  • Single point of access through AM Explorer with built-in federated search functionality across all collections
  • Range of additional features to enhance student engagement including Handwritten Text Recognition, Data Visualisation, Video and Oral Histories
 Tijdens de trial is het niet mogelijk om PDF-bestanden van documenten te downloaden.