Reimbursement of work-related travel

This information is only applicable to staff members on the university payroll

Commuting costs

In order to encourage its staff to travel by public transportation or bike, Ghent University reimburses the costs of public transport season passes and bike travel.

For this, the electronic HR-environment Apollo is used. All staff members are expected to indicated how they travel to and from work.

  • Season tickets train, tram or bus: if you have indicated that public transport is your main mode of transportation to work, you can get your ticket reimbursed. Do not forget to send a copy of the ticket to the Personnel Department!
  • Staff who travel to and from work regularly by bike (even in combination with train), can apply for a 'cycle kilometer allowance' of 0,25 euro per kilometer

Other work-related travel

Researchers and other staff members who incur expenses in the course of their work (e.g. train ticket to a meeting, hotel accommodation, plane tickets) can in some cases submit a claim for reimbursement via the financial administration system SAP-Concur.

Whether you are entitled to be reimbursed depends on your specific situation. Make sure to get the details from your supervisor, department office or whomever is paying your salary.

Research grants sometimes contain an element to cover travel and other expenses so check before incurring costs.


  • your trip must be registered beforehand in SAP-Concur as 'dienstreis' (work-related travel) so all expenses can be added to this file number
  • afterwards all expenses can be submitted for reimbursement in the correct period and in the appropriate categories

In most situations, the department office is responsible for this procedure, so check with them.