HPC-UGent system status

The status of all systems can now also be consulted at http://status.vscentrum.be/


Tier-2 UGent
Login nodes: Maintenance scheduled
Tier-2 webportal: Maintenance scheduled
Compute nodes: Maintenance scheduled
Shared filesystems: Maintenance scheduled
Maintenance scheduled 28/11 - 2/12/2022 (see below for more info)
Tier-1 Hortense (VSC)
Login nodes: Available
Tier1-1 webportal: Available
Compute nodes: Available
Scratch filesystem: Available
(Access to Tier-1 compute requires an approved project - see https://www.vscentrum.be/compute)
Tier-1 Cloud (VSC): Available
(Access to Tier-1 cloud requires an approved project - see https://www.vscentrum.be/cloud)
VSC account page: Available

Known issues

[Mon 28 Nov 2022] Tier-1 webportal and compute nodes were unavailable for users with UGent affiliation

  • The Tier-1 webportal and compute nodes were unavailable for all users with a vsc4xxxx style vsc-id.
  • Both were affected by the unavailability of NFS links to the UGent Tier-2 shared storage, which was down for maintenance.
  • [Mon 28 Nov 2022 17h00] Problems have been fixed, Tier-1 is again fully functional for all vsc4xxxx users.

[Tue 13 Sept 2022] Unscheduled downtime HPC-UGent Tier-2 login nodes

  • [16:00] Problem resolved, login nodes are available again.
  • [15:25] Due to a network issue login nodes became unavailable.

Planned maintenance

Scheduled maintenance work to Tier2 systems HPC-UGent (28 November - 2 December 2022)

Will be unavailable during this period:

  • all Tier2 login nodes
  • all Tier2 clusters
  • the shared storage

We will mainly perform updates in this maintenance window, including firmware, shared filesystems, OS, Slurm and the central software stack provided through modules.

Scheduled maintenance work to Tier1 Hortense (24-28 October 2022) - completed

Repairs to existing nodes have been executed.
Software has been updated.
Initial preparatory work has been done to datacenter and hardware in view of the second phase of Tier1.


  • [May 2022] All HPC-UGent login nodes and Tier-2 clusters have been migrated to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 operating system.
  • [Wed 9 June 2021] New job command wrappers
    We switched to new job command wrappers for all HPC-UGent Tier-2 clusters.
    This switch should be transparant: you don't need to change your workflow or job scripts.
  • [Wed 27 May 2020] All SSH public keys uploaded before 20 May 2020 have been revoked.
    More information regarding this security operation at https://docs.vscentrum.be/en/latest/security_measures_20200520.html


For issues regarding Tier-2 UGent systems, contact hpc@ugent.be

For issues regarding Tier-1 Compute (VSC), contact compute@vscentrum.be

For issues regarding Tier-1 Cloud (VSC), contact cloud@vscentrum.be

Cluster load of Tier-2 UGent systems

Consult http://hpc.ugent.be/clusterstate/

(only available within the UGent network)