Getting started

More information about how to get access to the core facility and what to expect.

How to get started:

Getting started scheme

To get access to the facility, contact the facility staff or request access to the facility in CFMS . The facility staff will contact you to arrange a first meeting to design and discuss an optimal approach.

What to expect:

During the first meeting, we will discuss the optimal experimental design and arrange a date for training or for measurements. Depending on the nature of the experiments, it might be better to perform the measurements yourself after following a training or to perform the measurements together with the facility staff. In case exceptional input, a novel imaging approach or instrumentation outside standard equipment is needed a scientific collaboration might be the best format. The training starts with two sessions. A first session to learn how to operate the microscope and a second session where the researcher gets hands on experience. The training is finished when the researcher can operate the instrumentation in a safe and correct way. After the training, the staff is available for additional advice, training or assistance. The centre commits itself to ensure high-quality performance of the equipment by regular quality controls of the instruments. When a project is successful and results in a publication, the centre asks to be acknowledged.