About us

The department of Diagnostic Sciences arises from the merger of the former departments of Clinical Biology, Immunology and Microbiology, Radiology & Nuclear Medicine and Medical and Forensic Pathology

Department Chair

The daily management of the department rests with the department chair. 

  • As a manager, the department chair supports the department members and monitors the use of time and resources to ensure that teaching, research and service assignments are carried out on time and efficiently.
  • As a coach, she supervises the department members so that they grow in taking on their responsibilities.
  • As a leader, she gives direction to the department members so that policy and strategic objectives are achieved together.
Vakgroepvoorzitter Katrien Devreese
Prof. Dr. Katrien Devreese

Department Manager


Teamleaders Education - Research - Outreach

Each teamleader :

  • has a helicopter view of the activities of his result area of the department.
  • is able to streamline operational affairs and indentify opportunities and implement actions.
  • represents the department in the faculty committee.
  • is responsible for a smooth information flow from the faculty committee to the department.
  • is responsible for the operational coordination of his result area within the department.
  • is partly responsible for contributing to the realization of the mission and vision of the department.


Teamleider Onderwijs Alain Verstraete Teamleider Onderzoek Joris Delanghe Teamleader Outreach
Prof. Dr. Alain Verstraete Prof. Dr. Joris Delanghe   To be determined