Phaedra Denduyver

Phaedra DenduyverPhaedra Denduyver

Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology

Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent (Belgium)
Tel.: ++32-9-264.81.18



Pharm. Phaedra Denduyver graduated as a pharmacist in 2019 from Ghent University where she obtained her Master of Science in Drug Development. For her Master’s thesis, she evaluated the effect of binder types in the twin screw granulation process. In 2020, she finished her studies Industrial Pharmacy at the Ghent University. In September 2020, she started her PhD research on formulation development for continuous twin screw granulation


Summary of Research Project

Continuous manufacturing is emerging in the pharmaceutical industry because of its many advantages. Twin screw granulation is a continuous process that can be implemented in a fully from-powder-to-tablet line which offers improved product quality and economic advantages. In literature, limited research has been performed on controlled release formulations produced through the continuous twin screw granulation technique. In earlier research, the suitability of a hydrophilic matrix former was studied making it a suitable and versatile matrix former for controlled release formulations. However, a non-homogeneous distribution for the API was detected over the different size fractions of the granules. Therefore, the influence of different excipients and process parameters on the distribution of API in the different size fractions of granules will be studied. In addition, the influence of the parameters on the granule quality will be evaluated.