The primary playground of EnerGhentIC are topics included in the European objective on 'Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy'. The topics are categorised in line with the H2020 work programme.

Energy Efficiency

According to Europe, moderating energy demand can be considered as 'the foundation of the energy transition'. Therefore, energy efficiency is one of the key objectives of the EU energy and climate policy. 

The activities of the EnerGhentIC community in energy efficiency are in four domains:

 Icon EE


The European energy research and innovation strategy aims at developing and accelerating the time to market of affordable, cost-effective and resource-efficient low carbon energy technology solutions, that would decarbonise the energy system in a sustainable way while increasing role of domestic sources in the energy mix to secure energy supply. 

EnerGhentIC contributes to this ambition by working on:Icon RES


Energy Systems

More variable renewable energy sources create economic opportunities but imply supporting technological infrastructures - micro and macro -, regulatory frameworks as well as business models.

To support the socio-economic, technical and legal dimensions of the energy transition, EnerGhentIC is active in:Icon ES