Taking up the role of coordinator

Role of the coordinator 

Being a Horizon Europe project coordinator brings you scientific excellence, prestige, leadership, personal and institutional visibility. The privilege of initiating the project, forming its concept, leading the partner selection and the proposal writing process makes this role desirable to many.

As  the scientific coordinator of a Horizon Europe project, you gain: 

  • international visibility in Europe and beyond 
  • insight in how the European Commission is organised and operates 
  • impact on the activities of the project and further use of results 

The coordinating institution is responsible for the overall scientific and administrative management of the project and for all communication with the EC project officer.

This task can be divided between, for example a 

  • Scientific coordinator, the professor or researcher leading the project; 
  • Project manager, who deals with all administrative, legal and financial issues of the project.
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Support for coordinators 

During the proposal phase

All researchers can receive support from our EU account managers who will advise and guide you to make a competitive proposal and increase your success rate.  

During the project phase

The administrative, non-scientific responsibilities of the project coordinator could be perceived as a burden.

Therefore, during the implementation of your Horizon Europe project, you can rely on one of our EU project managers for:

  • Overseeing the project lifecycle and monitoring deadlines
  • Supporting the consortium in administrative, legal and financial issues
  • Liaising with the European Commission project officer 

European Proposal Support Sharepointsite

Consult our Sharepointsite for guidance on all steps during the proposal stage.

Gain experience as a partner 

By starting as a partner you can learn about the rules for participation, the reporting requirements, and see how the coordinator leads the consortium and manages the project.

Throughout all project phases, you get support from: 

  • an account manager to help you find partners who have complementary expertise
  • a project advisor in all administrative, financial and contractual issues; 
  • a legal advisor for negotiating the consortium agreement and safeguarding your intellectual property rights; 
  • a financial advisor who checks all expenses and drafts the financial report. 

More information 

Horizon 2020 manual on Grant Management