BOF doctoral scholarship with GUGC label

The Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) is the only campus linked to UGent that is located abroad, in Incheon (Songdo), South Korea. The campus is an autonomous non-profit organization that derives its income from registration fees, subsidies from the Korean government and through research projects. It opened its doors in September 2014. Three degree programmes are offered, each with a Bachelor's and a Master's component: Environmental Technology, Food Technology and Molecular Biotechnology.

Scientific research at GUGC is conducted in five research centres, namely:

- Centre for Biomedical Research

- Centre for Environmental and Energy Research

- Food Research Centre

- Lab of Plant Growth Analysis

- Centre for Biotech Data Science


To further develop the research activities on the GUGC campus and to promote research cooperation between the GUGC campus and Ghent University, two joint UGent-GUGC doctoral scholarships are awarded every year since 2021. This commitment will be renewed as long as GUGC vzw continues to co-fund it.

To be eligible for a BOF doctoral scholarship with a GUGC label, the following conditions must be met:

  • (at least) two promoters are required, of which (at least) one promoter is mainly active at UGent and one promoter is mainly active on the GUGC campus in South Korea;
  • The proposed research project must have a clear added value in terms of strengthening the cooperation between the GUGC campus and UGent
  • The PhD student will carry out his/her research partly (2 years) at UGent and partly (2 years) on the GUGC campus in South Korea;

If in 2021 at least two BOF doctoral scholarships with GUGC label are submitted, which meet the necessary quality requirements, the two highest ranked applications will be awarded.

Please note: BOF doctoral scholarships with this GUGC label do not prevent GUCG professors with an appointment at UGent to act as sole promoter of doctoral scholarship applications. Such applications are not considered GUCG labeled applications but  regular sholarship applications without label.

  • If you wish to carry out a PhD project in cooperation with a supervisor at UGent and a supervisor at the Ghent University Global Campus (see page 4-5 of this call document), please tick this box and mention the name of the supervisor at the GUGC.
  • Explain briefly which research activities in the framework of your PhD research you will carry out during your stay at UGent (2 years) and during your stay at the GUGC (2 years) (max. 0,5 pages).
  • Explain why the cooperation between UGent and the GUGC is an added value for the PhD (max. 0,5 pages).