Recognition of previously acquired competencies (RPAC)

During your studies you can start a procedure for recognition of previously acquired competencies (RPAC). Those are knowledge, insights, skills and attitudes gained through learning processes other than the traditional study certificates (mostly in a professional context).

The competencies acquired through working experience can accord with the competencies taught in one or more course units from your bachelor and/or master education.

Standard RPAC-procedure

Through the standard RPAC-procedure you can get this experience and skills acknowledged. You will receive proof of competency which you can use to apply for an exemption.

However, bear in mind that this procedure comes with a heavy workload (portfolio) and has proven to be not so straightforward for academic courses. There is also a fee to be paid, independent of the outcome of the procedure.

There are two official dates to hand in the portfolio: April 1st (for exemption in the first semester) and November 1st (for exemption in the second semester).

RPAC simplified

There is also the possibility of a simplified and free procedure. For Ghent University this is only possible for one specific target group: students that have acquired generic competencies on bachelor and/or master level through extra commitment and have received a badge for this from Ghent University.

More information

You will find all the information on the RPAC-procedure in the guidelines

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