Preparatory programme Master in Business Economics

Programme and course content

The content of the preparatory programme was laid down by the Curriculum Committee taking into account the required initial competences for the master’s programme in Business Economics. It will consist of the following courses for a total of 28 credits:

  1. Advanced Academic English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Economics
  4. Corporate Finance
  5. Marketing I
  6. Research Methods I

The course specifications can be consulted by clicking on the course.

Study progress

The courses mentioned above are second semester courses, this implies that students who have been admitted will not enrol in the first semester (September) but in the second semester (February).

It is not allowed to combine courses from the preparatory programme with courses from the master's programme during the first enrolment.

After completing the preparatory programme, students will be allowed to enrol for the master's programme in the next academic year. It is not necessary to start up the application procedure again.