How to write a good motivational letter


Try to add structure to your motivational letter by following the elements mentioned in the list below.

  1. Clearly indicate your goals
  2. Make the first paragraph personal
  3. Introduce yourself shortly
  4. Describe your personal interests
  5. Describe your educational background based on the diploma requirements
  6. Tell us what you expect to learn from our programme
  7. Tell us why you choose this programme
  8. Tell us why you choose Ghent University/the faculty of economics and business administration
  9. Outline your vision on your future
  10. Write a solid closing statement


Your motivational letter is personal, write everything that you feel is important and worth mentioning but keep in mind that our committee is definitely looking for more information about the following subjects:

  • Financial means: how will you finance your studies, do you have a scholarship (and for which period), do you have financial support from family, etc. ?
  • Cost of living: do you know how much it costs to live in Belgium (to rent an appartment, to go out, to buy clothes, etc.) ?
  • Combining your studies with a job: do you think about combining your studies with a job, did you already look up if this is an option?
  • Residence: do you already live in Belgium or do you have to move here?
  • Content of the programme: did you already read the description of the programme, did you have a look at the programme, did you read the course specifications?
  • Courses: which courses in the programme do you feel are most interesting for you and why?
  • Professors: did you already look up some of our professors and their publications?