Diana Lungu

Diana Lungu


    • From Moldova
    • Previous studies: Bachelor in Business Administration obtained at the LCC International University (Lithuania)
    • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2017-2018
    • Currently lives in Belgium and works in Sales and Marketing at a world know automotive company


Diana about her experience at the FEB

I choose to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration because It is an insightful and broad programme where you learn how economics shape society, businesses, markets and consumers. It allows one to think critically about current relevant economic issues and the way companies operate in their economic environment.

I would describe my study experience at the faculty and my time in Ghent as a pleasant and interesting experience where I could maximize my knowledge about Marketing in an optimal amount of time, work in groups on interesting real case studies, meet corporation leaders and interact with multiple cultures. Ghent is fun and full of places to explore.

I learned that we should treasure the time and the knowledge we receive. These will shape us intellectually and give the power to make the correct choices in the career path.

To future students: take the opportunity to enjoy learning and receive the invaluable knowledge/experience shared by teachers/experts.


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