PhD Graduates - Banking & Finance


  • Nicolas Soenen, June 2022, Regulation, monetary policy and bank risk
  • Dimitrios Kolokas, June 2022, Essays in financial innovation and sustainability
  • Thomas Present, March 2022, Banking and regulation in Europe after the Great Financial Crisis


  • Kobra Ahmadpour, December 2021, Essays in Behavioral Finance: Investor Response to Oil Spills, and Hedge Fund and CTA Managers' Risk Shifting Behavior
  • Jessie Vantieghem, July 2021, Credit Rating Agencies and Their Role of Disseminating Information
  • Raheel Asif, May 2021, Essays on Asset Pricing, Financial Crisis, and Market Efficiency


  • Kevin Hoefman, November 2020, Live agent-based models
  • Elien Meuleman, October 2020, Macroprudential policy, monetary policy and bank stability in Europe
  • Andres Algaba, August 2020,  Predictive data filters for timely economic and financial decision making
  • Thi Xuan Linh Nguyen, August 2020, Corporate sustainability performance in the emerging East Asian markets


  • Milan van den Heuvel, September 2019, Addressing socioeconomic challenges with micro-level trace data (Ghent University)
  • Hannes Stieperaere, June 2019, Investor behavior and the effect on financial markets (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Frederik Mergaerts, March 2019, Essays in financial economics (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • Annelies Hoebeeck, February 2019, The tax benefit for mortgage payments : incentive effects and implications for house prices (Flemish Government Department for Finance and Budget)


  • Vu Ha Phuoc, December 2018, Governance and Firm Efficiency in Vietnam (Danang University of Economics, Vietnam)
  • Thomas Matthys, December 2018, Topics in Financial Economics (Vlerick Business School)


  • Kevin Lampaert, December 2017, Essays on the FX market microstructure (Wolters Kluwer)
  • Dinçer Afat, November 2017, Essays on exchange rates
  • Gert Elaut, June 2017, Microeconomics of financial markets (KBC Asset Management)
  • Benjamin Vandermarliere, May 2017, A temporal network perspective of collective behavior in economic systems (Ghent University)


  • Murat Midiliç, December 2016, Essays on nonlinear time-series modeling and financial markets in emerging economies (Deloitte Belgium)
  • Garo Garabedian, January 2016, Essays on the procyclicality of financial cycles and the vulnerability of emerging markets (Central Bank of Ireland)


  • Xing Han, December 2015, Essays on market microstructure and liquidity  (University of Otago, New Zealand)


  • Martien Lamers, October 2014, Essays on behavior and extreme events (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Nederland) 


  • Frederick Van Gysegem, December 2013, Liquidity provision in the interbank foreign exchange market (Roland Berger)
  • Sietse Bracke, October 2013, Empirical essays on the economics of divorce (NBB)
  • Nora Srzentić, July 2013, Banking and finance in Central and Eastern European countries (EU Commission)
  • Valerie De Bruyckere, May 2013, Bank risk, interconnectedness and bank business models (European Bank Authority)
  • Glenn Schepens, May 2013, Essays in banking (National Bank of Belgium)
  • Mustafa Disli, April 2013, Essays on the Turkisch Banking System (Ghent University)
  • Klaas Mulier, March 2013, Investment, growth and the access to finance of firms: an empirical analysis (Ghent University)


  • Martin Saldias Zambrana, August 2011, Essays on market-based analysis of financial stability (Banco de Portugal)2010
  • Lieven Baert, March 2010, The effect of banks on the external finance behavior of firms (FSMA)


  • Alexei Karas, December 2008, Essays on the Russian Banking System (University College Roosevelt)
  • Sofieke Van Osselaer, December 2008, Portfolio Allocation and Institutional Trading Behaviour (SPE Luminus)
  • Bart Leyman, September 2008, An economic analysis of creditor behavior in distressed companies (KBC)


  • Olivier De Jonghe, December 2007, Competition and risk in financial institutions and the implications for financial stability (Tilburg University)


  • Gleb Lanine, December 2006, Topics on modeling risk in transitional economy (Belfius)
  • Sophie Claeys, May 2006, Optimal regulatory design in banking in transition economies (Sveriges Riskbank)
  • Koen Inghelbrecht, May 2006, The comovement of asset returns (Ghent University)


  • Bruno Merlevede, May 2005, The effects of economic reform and foreign direct investment on the domestic economy and the domestic companies of Central and Eastern European transition countries (Ghent University)
  • Wim Van Hyfte, May 2005, The predictability of bond and stock returns and the implications for portfolio allocation (Candriam Investors Group)