Colouration Technology

Research area.

Dye application processes are commonly well-established as a result of many years of practical experience in dyeing. In contrast, a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms through which dyes are absorbed by fibres is still not completely achieved for many dye-fibre systems. With the introduction of ever-finer fibres and novel polymer fibres for the production of textile fabrics, the general need for a basic understanding of the relation between fibre and dyeing properties has become vital.

To understand the driving forces of the dyeing process, a generic fundamental analysis is followed within the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering. This involves, amongst others, the study of dye diffusion processes, the importance of thermal properties of the dye-fibre system, the relevance of variations in fibre morphology, the study of dye-fibre interactions. To perform this study, various novel measurements methods were set up specifically for the use on textile materials.

While colouring textiles has been a basic functionalisation mainly driven by aesthetics reasons for many years, recently new application areas involving colour have gained a lot of interest. The application of a colour changing functionality to textiles is an example of such an innovative use of dyes. 

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Karen De Clerck