Artificial Turf

Research domain

The research group is constantly investigating to optimize the properties of artificial turf fields. The research is focusing on constructions, polymer properties, durability and test methods.

Each research programs is set up in collaboration with the client.

Besides the research programs, the centre is recognized by FIFA, FIH and World Rugby to test football, hockey and rugby fields from across the world. See ERCAT website


  • Development of yarns for artificial grass

New polymers are being developed for artificial grass yarns, extruded and tested.
New types of yarn production and extrusion parameters are optimized.

  • Development of new synthetic turf systems

Traditionally artificial turf is tufted. The textile department developed a method to weave artificial turf in collaboration with a producer of weaving machines.
Research is also conducted on the subbase of artificial turf systems: with different coatings and PU foams.

  • Development of Test Methods

The Centre for Textile Science and Engineering is involved in developing equipment and methods for abrasion resistance and durability of artificial turf to test:

Favimat resilience tester
Lisport XL
Flat UV tester

This research is done in close collaboration with other departments of Ghent University:

  • Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering (Materials Science group)
  • Department of Sport and Movement Sciences (Prof D. De Clercq)
  • Department of Soil (Prof. D. Gabriels)

Contact and Bibliography

Stijn Rambour