COLAE - Commercialisation Clusters of Organic and Large Area Electronics (2011 - 2013)

This project has ended (Duration: September 2011 - August 2013).

COLAE is a pan-European initiative to promote the commercial exploitation of organic and large area electronics in Europe. The project combines 18 partners from 12 countries, representing all major European OLAE competence clusters. The project aims at speeding up the commercialization and adoption of organic and large area electronics by promoting collaboration between industry clusters throughout Europe.

The Department of Textiles is an active partner in the European funded project. Its task is to establish a link between Organic Large Area Electronics and the field of Smart Textiles. This will be achieved through involvement in different work packages. One task of the department is to make end-users aware of existing technology and train people from different fields like electronics or material science, informing them about the options to apply organic electronics in textiles and vice versa. In the work package Feasibility Network, UGent will answer to questions from companies and use its network of European research centres to give feasibility advice. In addition, UGent supports the work in mapping the European R&D landscape related to Smart Textiles. Based on this, a network hub of expertise will be built up, which companies can use to assess the viability of implementing their product ideas using OLAE technologies. As for the work package Towards Virtual OLAE Foundry, UGent supports the alignment process of the OLAE centres towards becoming a service provider for SMEs and LSEs by effective resource management. The objective of the work package Open Innovation Model for OLAE industry is to develop and disseminate the relevant open innovation models for the OLAE sector by taking into account the market requirements and needs as well as the strengths of the OLAE industry value chain.


Supported by: European Commission FP7-ICT-2011-7-288881

Contact: Prof. Dr. ir. Lieva Van Langenhove