Smart textiles movement disorders: (Early) detection of sleep problems in Parkinson's patients in their home situation

In September 2019 Micheline De Meyer, joined CTSE as academic consultant. Drs. De Meyer is affiliated with UZ Gent, Department of Oral Health Sciences, Clinic for Dental, Minor and Chack diseases. Her expertise includes sleep medicine , sleep - breathing and movement disorders. Her role is to provide medical information and to create a bridge with the medical industry within her area of ​​expertise. 

This has resulted into a project funded by Parkili, the association of patients suffering from Parkinson disease. The project is entitled: (Early) detection of sleep problems in Parkinson's patients in their home situation. The objective is to develop smart textiles to investigate thermal and physical (dis)comfort parameters during sleep in Parkinson patients. The first part will focus on a questionnaire adapted to problems specific to Parkinson’s, such as: disturbance of muscle tension, REM-sleep-phase and temperature regulation. the second part consists of a study of existing (or adaptable sensors) for monitoring relevant parameters of the person, the bed and the bedroom. The objective is to identify  solutions for a smart sleeping environment, leading to better quality of life for both the patient and its bedpartner.

CTSE has also contributed to installation of an interdisciplinary platform addressing dystonia, another movement disorders. This platform includes specialists from neurology, physical therapy and control systems engineering from UGent and UAntwerpen.

The main goal of this  platform is to improve understanding of the disorder and efficacity of physical therapy. CTSE will contribute by developing smart textiles for monitoring of the effects of various treatment approaches.



Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove ()
ing. Johanna Louwagie ()
Drs. Micheline De Meyer ()


Johanna Louwagie, Miche De Meyer and Lieva Van Langenhove (Project: (Early) detection of sleep problems in Parkinson's patients in their home situation)

Picture: Johanna Louwagie, Lieva Van Langenhove and Miche De Meyer