Science and Technology education

A continuously changing world demands people who are able to deal with and create novel technologies. Therefore it is necessary that education is such that everyone gets a broad understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This enables us to grow from consumers to critical customers who can make well informed decisions.

Our main goal is to solve a complex educational problem, namely enhancing inquiry ­based STEM learning. While more attention so far has been given to the role of the students than to the teacher component, we want to focus on the development of high­ quality affordable didactic materials and teacher training. In this way we want to prepare teachers to implement inquiry ­based STEM learning in their classrooms and enhance the learning experience of students such that the declination of students' interest in STEM can be reversed while at the same time providing deeper understanding, scientific and practical reasoning skills rather than focussing on facts and theoretical knowledge.


Francis wyffels


Tom Neutens