RDM Program Spring 2023

The data steward team at Ghent University Library will hold several university-wide and faculty-specific RDM trainings in the first half of 2023. Check out the program below and training descriptions and registration options for your trainings of interest through the provided link. 

For the most up-to-date information, check the training page of the RDM website.
Questions: send us an email via rdm.support@ugent.be.


  • How-to Biblio on datasets - University-wide info session
    • February 1st (14:00-15:30) 
    • How to comply with the new policy on scholarly publishing for research data? When can I register data in Biblio? How to register published research data in Biblio?

  • DMP intro training - Faculty cluster-specific info session
    • February 23rd (14:00-15:00)
    • Introductory session on Data Management Plans for new researchers: what is a DMP, when do I need to write a DMP, how to address the DMP questions.

  • How-to ORCID – University-wide info session
    • March 2nd (10:00-11:00) 
    • What is ORCID, what are the advantages, how to create and use your ORCID and connect it to your UGent account.

  • Technical and organisational measures when handling personal or otherwise confidential data  - University-wide info session
    • March 9th (12:00-13:00) - Register here
    • Which data security measures should I take to protect personal or otherwise confidential research data? Where to store confidential data, what are pseudonymization and anonymization, when to use file encryption, how to collaborate on confidential data.

  • Webinar Open Science: What is Open Access and how is it implemented at Ghent University? (EN)
    • March 18th (13:00-14:00) - Register here
    • ​Open Access, Open licenses, APC, creative commons,  … – as a researcher you have heard of the concepts, but what do they really mean and how do they affect your research? 

  • Sharepoint in research data management - University-wide info session
    • March 23rd (12:00-13:00) - Register here
    • How can you use Sharepoint to document your research project? When to use Sharepoint, how to use Sharepoint for research data and documentation, how can the Sharepoint template for research project documentation be used, how to use Sharepoint libraries and lists.

  • Data sharing using repositories in (Bioscience) Engineering - Faculty-specific info session
    • April 20th (14:00-15:30) – Registration not open yet
    • What is a data repository? Why to use a data repository? How to select and use a data repository?

  • Webinar: Copyright for the academic author
    • May 30th (13:00-14:00) - Register here
    • As an author, you automatically become rights holder of the copyright on your publication. These rights consist of moral rights, which you can waive but not transfer, and economic rights, which you can transfer. In the publishing world it is almost inevitable that you transfer your copyright to the publisher, which can be a barrier to make your publication available in open access. Finding your way in the copyright and licensing landscape can be daunting and difficult. Authors who aren’t lawyers may not know exactly what the possibilities are in retaining (some) of these rights or requesting a change in the publisher's contract. 

  • Data Café - University-wide community exchange
    • June 1st (16:00-18:00) – Registration not open yet
    • Bi-annual RDM community event where researchers exchange experiences on research data management

  • Writing a final DMP for FWO - University-wide info session
    • June 8th (12:00-13:00) - Register here
    • How to write a final DMP at the end of a FWO project or fellowship? What are the differences with an initial DMP?