The Clifford Research Group regularly organizes seminars for guest speakers and members of the research group.  Future speakers can take a look at the guidelines below or contact Prof. Hendrik De Bie for further information.

Upcoming seminars

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Location: Campus Sterre, Building S8, Classroom 3.2

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Previous seminars

Previous seminars from the last five years can be found below per academic year.

Guidelines for seminar speakers

  1. Presentations are 50 minutes long or less, followed by 10 minutes for questions. Please do not exceed the 50 minute time restriction.
  2. Speakers are invited to use the projector and blackboard in our presentation room.
  3. All presentations are in English.
  4. Please ensure you clearly describe the motivation for your research rather than giving too much technical details.
  5. Take time to explain difficult issues, as some audience members may not be specialized in your field.
  6. The audience is encouraged to ask questions during your presentation. So do not be surprised if this happens but think of it as a mark of interest.
  7. For speakers on Clifford algebra and analysis: you can assume the audience is familiar with the definition of Clifford algebra, Dirac operators, etc. So it suffices to give an overview of notations.
  8. For speakers on other topics: we recommend to organize the presentation in such a way that the first half is understandable for a  'general' audience, consisting of mathematicians working in analysis, differential geometry and/or mathematical physics. In the second half, you can be more specialized and talk about recent results. Engineers should note that common engineering jargon may not be understood by the audience. So it is sometimes useful to give precise definitions for simple notions such as 'signal', 'filter', etc.