Your career after your PhD


Career management

Target Group

Members of the Doctoral Schools


3rd / 4th year PhD candidates


Els Deboutte (Make me fly!)


In this 1-day interactive and hands-on workshop all the basics of active and proactive career management are covered. In the first part participants will (start to) uncover their career goals and desires (both in and outside of academia). They’ll know what their key talents and transferable skills are and how to translate them to the labour market. In the second part of the workshop they’ll learn all about the world of work and get ready for the next step in their career.


The trainer will help participants find an answer to the following basic questions:

  • Who am I? What do I have to offer to the professional world inside and outside academia? What are my transferable skills and what’s their value in the labour market?
  • What are my career goals and aims?
  • How do I identify job opportunities to pursue? What’s on my ‘A-list’?
  • How does job hunting work?
    • Writing a desirable CV and LinkedIn profile: how do I translate my knowledge and skills towards potential job opportunities?
    • What to expect in the hiring process and how to prepare for it? Also interviewing, salary negotiations, assessment centers,... will be covered
  • Can my network help me to navigate throughout my career?

At the end of this session participants have the basic outlines of what their ideal next step(s) could look like and have an idea about how to pursue them.

Time schedule

To be announced



Registration fee

Free of charge for Doctoral School members. The no show policy applies.


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Evaluation methods and criteria (doctoral training programme)

100% participation