Tom Loeys


Tom Loeys graduated as Master in Mathematics at Ghent University in 1996, and obtained a PhD in Mathematics (Statistics) in 2002 at the same university. After having worked for 7 years as a statistical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, he returned to Ghent University in 2009, where he is now Professor (80%) in the Department of Data Analysis at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.



His research focuses on causal inference, and mediation analysis in particular. He is also interested in multilevel modeling with a particular focus on modeling dyadic data and relationship dynamics.


Software development

  • medflex for flexible mediation analysis using natural effect models
  • APIM_SEM, a user-friendly app for cross-sectional actor-partner interdependence models
  • Shiny_LDD, a Shiny application for  longitudinal actor-partner interdependence models