Wendelien Vantieghem

Wendelien is assistant professor at the Centre for Diversity & Learning (Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts & Philosophy-Ghent University). Her work focuses on inequity in education based on gender, sexual orientation, multilingualism, socio-economic background, ethnicity, and disability, as well as teachers' attitudes and competences with regards to diversity.
During her post-doctoral work, Wendelien analysed diversity, (in)equity and inclusion from a range of perspectives. This included work on the "Diversity Barometer for Education" and "Diversity Screening for Education" at the Center for Diversity and Learning. She was also research coordinator of the "Potential-Power to teach all!"-project at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences), post-doctoral assistent at the research unit Equity in Health (Department of Public Health & Primary Care-UGent), and visiting professor for the course ""Diversity & inclusion in educational settings"" at VUB.

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