Academic staff

Kris Audenaert Plant pathology, mycology, mycotoxins, phytotoxins
Benny De Cauwer Crop husbandry, weed science, integrated weed management
Patrick De Clercq Entomology, acarology, biological and integrated control of crop pests
Eduardo de la Pena  
Emmy Dhooghe  
Danny Geelen Plant research: in vitro biotechnology, breeding, propagation, sexual reproduction, space
Geert Haesaert Crop production, plant breeding and crop protection, toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins
Monica Höfte Plant pathology, molecular plant-pathogen interactions, biological and integrated control of
plant diseases
Wouter Maes Precision agriculture, UAV research, remote sensing, data processing
Steven Maenhout Predictive breeding
Jan Pieters Thermic processes, heat and mass transfer, energy, agricultural engineering
Pieter Spanoghe Formulation, application and analysis of pesticides, (side) effects of pesticides, exposure
assessment of man and environment
Kathy Steppe Eco-physiology, plant-water relations, carbon metabolism and respiration, plant monitoring
and stress detection with plant sensors, plant modelling, development of plant-based control
strategies, effects of climate change on the physiology of plants, trees and ecosystems
Luc Tirry Agrozoology, entomology, acarology, insecticide resistance, integrated pest control of
animal-noxious agents
Thomas Van Leeuwen  Molecular acarology and genomics, insecticide resistance, molecular mite-plant interactions,
new insecticide target-sites
Stefaan Werbrouck Horticulture, in vitro culture of plants (especially trees), in vitro breeding of plants



Campus Coupure (main address)

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Ghent University
Department of Plants and Crops
Coupure links 653
B-9000 Gent

Phone: 09 264 61 42

Campus Schoonmeersen

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Ghent University

Department of Plants and Crops

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