Prof. dr. ir. Jan Van den Bulcke


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Prof. dr. ir. Jan Van den Bulcke

Laboratory of Wood Technology - Woodlab

Coupure Links 653

B-9000 Gent

Room A2.015


Research topics

  • X-ray CT-based tree ring analysis in temperate and tropical regions: see dendrochronomics website
  • research on wood and from wood derived materials
  • service life prediction
  • moisture dynamics
  • non-destructive analysis:
      • X-ray tomography
      • infrared scanning
      • vibration analysis
      • image analysis
    • bio-energy: DSC-TGA, bomb calorimetry
    • structural and chemical data mining
    • collaborations at UGent with
        • Prof. dr. ir. Wim Van Paepegem
        • Prof. dr. Bernard De Baets and dr. ir. Jan Baetens
        • Prof. dr. Willem Waegeman
        • Prof. dr. ir. Nathan Van Den Bossche
        • Prof. dr. ir. Francis wyffels

    Research projects