Scientific award for 2 international alumni

(29-09-2021) On September 26, during the graduation ceremony of our international master programmes, 2 students received a scientific award: Haniswita and Do Thành Chun.

According to our tradition, several scientific prizes are awarded to students who have distinguished themselves in a positive way. These prizes are offered by different companies and organizations, something we are very grateful for.

INVE aquaculture award & VLIR-UOS aquaculture award

INVE award & VLIR UOS award: Haniswita

INVE is an experienced knowledge partner for aquaculture entrepreneurs worldwide and we appreciate the fact that they offer this award to one of our students.

The VLIR-UOS Aquaculture award is awarded to the student with the best thesis in aquaculture, relevant for the global South. 3 of our international alumni currently living in Vietnam, Kenia and Indonesia, also evaluated the dissertations for this award. 

Haniswita (Master of Science in Aquaculture) won both the INVE aquaculture award and the VLIR UOS aquaculture award, with her thesis Design of beneficial probiotic mixtures (promotor: Prof. Peter Bossier)

Award De Boodt - Maselis

Do Thành Chun: award De Boodt-Maselis

Sustainable management and engineering of land resources are one of the great challenges for improving livelihoods while preventing or reducing land degradation. Understanding and managing soils are key to achieving this.

This prize was first awarded in 1991 by the foundation of the family of the late Professor Emeritus Marcel De Boodt and his wife, Mrs. Maselis.

It’s yearly awarded to an outstanding student in terms of scholarly and social engagements graduating from the International Masters programme Physical Land Resources, and having conducted research related to the field of Eremology, which means combatting desertification through dryland management in a broad sense.

Do Thành Chun (Master of Science in Physical Land Resources) is the winner of the Award De Boodt Maselis, with the thesis Developing pedotransfer functions to predict hy draulic properties of Belgian soils (promotor: Prof. Wim Cornelis)

Congratulations to both!