Inaugural lectures: from tropical forest ecology and agriculture to plant breeding

For whom
Students , Employees , Alumni , Business , Private individuals
23-05-2022 from 10:00 to 12:00
Campus Coupure - auditorium E4
Sylvie Peeters

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering has the pleasure to invite you to the inaugural lectures of prof. dr. Eduardo de la Pena, prof. dr. Steven Maenhout and prof. dr. Wannes Hubau. Followed by a panel discussion moderated by prof. dr. ir. Dirk Reheul. After the inaugural event, a sandwich lunch is provided in the Agora (building E).


The new professors and their research areas...

  • Prof. dr. Eduardo de la Pena: tropical and subtropical agriculture, crop protection, agrodiversity, agroecology
  • Prof. dr. Steven Maenhout: plant breeding, quantitative genetics, phenotypic data analysis, genomewide prediction
  • Prof. dr. Wannes Hubau: tropical forest ecology, carbon balance, wood anatomy, vegetation history, palaeoecology
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