Scan and print

UGent students and staff can use the multifunctionals (printers) right outside the library and in building E.


UGent students and staff members, as well as visitors, can scan documents free of charge using the multifunctionals.

  • Students use their student card: the pdf will be saved on your H:-drive
  • Staff members use their staff card: the pdf will be saved on your H:-drive
  • Visitors ask for the visitors card in the library: you enter an e-mail address to send the pdf to


You can only print if you are a UGent-student or staff member.

  1. Log in with your UGent account. This is possible via a computer in the library, the computer next to the printer, or a computer in one of the computer rooms. Your print command will be visible for one day.
  2. Send the print command to 'Ricoh on pcounter'.
  3. Go to the multifunctional (printer) with your student or staff card. You can find a printer right outside of the library and one in building E. You can also print on any other UGent campus.