Master's dissertation topics

Yearly, several dissertations topics are offered in line with this research:

  • The relation between the Agricultural production in the Guayas river and estuarine basin, and its effect on river water quality and its related biodiversity. (Andrée De Cock,
  • Use of advanced probes, remote sensing and drone technologies for integrated ecosystem monitoring and assessment in relation to aquaculture. (Xingzhen Liu,
  • Analysis of macro invertebrate communities in Andean lakes in Central Ecuador in relation to conservation management of protected areas. (Patricio Lozano Rodriguez,
  • Integrated ecological assessment of water systems in the Galapagos Islands. (Lenin Riascos Flores,
  • GHG emissions from freshwater. (Long Tuan Ho,
  • Selection of natural measures to retain and reuse water and nutrients (e.g. wetlands, riparian buffers, catch crops, ponds), and optimize the spatial allocation and combination of the measures in a small Agricultural basin using an integrated modelling approach. (Marie Anne Eurie Forio,
  • Optimization of ecological data collection and analysis, with focus on fish monitoring (e.g. telemetry and video monitoring). (Stijn Bruneel,